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I'm back! Finally an update with icons ;)
I’m still working on some stuff for Big Bang which will be posted in 10 days.

I also participated in the 30 Days Meme at [ profile] dean_sam and I thought I’d just post my answers here as well: tl;dr )

001-011 30 Seconds To Mars
012-050 Supernatural (various from season 5)
051-060 The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (2005)
061-061 Toy Story 2



symphonies of blinding light... )
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Hey, it's been a while and still have no new layout *sigh*
I'm pretty sure I won't make another update before my exams either and then I'll (probably) have a tiny little vacation at Europa Park with some of my friends (I'm not looking at anyone). So don't expect another update before the beginning of August, at least no icons.
It's the first time I use scrapbook, I hope it works.

In other news, the my Big Bang posting date is August 13 which is perfect for me ;)

001-002 Dave Gahan, Chester Bennington (for the faceless challenge at [ profile] rock_stills )
003-007 30 Seconds To Mars
008-019 Gilmore Girls
020-025 Fringe (1x04 The Arrival)
026-065 Supernatural (5x15 - 5x22)
+ one Jensen Ackles wallpaper



I feel fine... )
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This is the first part of another “old contest entries and variations/outtakes"-update (except for the Jensen ones, those are new). There are so many icons this time that I decided to post them in two entries, because I’m not a fan of big icon posts. The second part which only consists of Supernatural icons will be posted this weekend. There probably won’t be a real anniversary update this year, because the new semester starts on the same day, but at least I’m posting some more icons now :D

As you can see I still have no layout (or profile). Maybe I should just use a premade one again…

001-012 Jensen Ackles
013-039 Gilmore Girls
040-050 NCIS (text only)
051-063 Linkin Park
064-078 30 Seconds To Mars (+one banner)



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Finally another icon post!
I don’t have much to say, except that I have a new layout again since Halloween is over (Click). I coded this one myself and it’s actually the one I complained about in the last post :D
One thing: #22 is probably one of my favourite icons I've ever made. I'm kinda proud ;)

001-006 Vocalists (Brian Molko, Gerard Way, Brandon Flowers)
007-009 Snow Patrol (for [ profile] rock_stills )
010-018 30 Seconds To Mars (including two lyrics only)
019-021 Pushing Daisies
022-031 Gilmore Girls
032-053 Supernatural (5x01 - 5x06)
+ 4 Supernatural headers/banners (originally made for [ profile] spn_header_con , one with matching icon)


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I still have no posting date for my claim at [ profile] iepisode_spn , although I really want to post my icons since I’m really happy with the outcome.

Apart from that I’m an enrolled student at the University of Bonn (for those who don’t know/are not from Germany, it’s a beautiful, not too big city, on the river Rhine and the former capital of Germany) and I’m damn nervous at the moment :D
I don’t know anything about my courses etc. but I still have to wait approximately one week until I’ll know more. It’s my dream university, but it’s kinda surreal that they really took me, because I definitely wasn’t one of the best students…fortunately for me the requirement for “English Studies” was a certain test that I made (more or less accidentally) last year. So there are big changes (or not so big since I’ll still live at home) ahead of me ;)

001-003 30 Seconds To Mars
004-011 Pushing Daisies
012-033 Gilmore Girls
034-062 Supernatural (various Season 1-4)
+ 2 Supernatural headers/banners (originally made for [info]spn_header_con )


I hate coding entries... )
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Surprise update!
Well, maybe not for you, but for me :D
Finally an update with new icons (most of them were made today^^). They are rather simple, but I hope someone likes them, although they are just album covers ;)

001-027 Album Covers (Hard-Fi, Franz Ferdinand)
028-030 30 Seconds To Mars
031-042 Pushing Daisies
043-047 Gilmore Girls
048-050 Supernatural
051-052 Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki


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So I've been back for a while now, but was a little too lazy to make an update. Just three new icons (which come with suitable banners and a wallpaper), although I actually wanted to make some of "Life On Mars (UK)", because I totally fell in love with episode 7 of season 2 (although I was a little bit disappointed about the end) LOL
I'm thinking about claiming an episode at [ profile] iepisode_spn seems like I can work with deadlines at challenge communities and when it comes to making icons without provided screencaps/pictures/themes I kinda fail, so it might be the right thing for me ;D

001-008 Linkin Park
010-019 30 Seconds To Mars
022-024 Moonlight
025-036 NCIS (Gibbs only)
037-059 Gilmore Girls
061-073 Supernatural
076-078 Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki (+ a matching wallpaper and banners)
+ 1 Supernatural header (originally made for [ profile] spn_header_con )


fight the good fight... )

#046: Icons

Jul. 5th, 2009 06:57 pm
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So this is the first part of the usual old contest entries and some variations/"outtakes". The other one will be only Supernatural again...Actually I wanted to update earlier, but my internet connection is awfully slow at the moment, sometimes I'm online for 15 minutes at a time, sometimes just 2 minutes (which was the mostly the case today).
As you can see I finally have a new layout (Klick), the first one that I didn't make myself and that has no header, but it seems like I can only make black/white/grey ones anyway. I have no idea how long I'll keep it though, because I’m not sure if I'll ever get used to it and I don't know how long I'll be able to live without a header :D
I'll also update my profile soon with a proper layout and everything (again, premade this time).
Enough with the rambling (not very interesting, right?) and to the actual reason of this post:

001-016 Linkin Park
019-028 30 Seconds To Mars (including five lyrics only)
031-035 Album Covers (Hard-Fi, The Killers, Placebo)
037-044 Moonlight
046-054 Pushing Daisies
055-066 NCIS
067-095 Gilmore Girls
097-099 Supernatural (Entertainment Weekly)


fighting fire with fire... )
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I don't even think about excuses anymore, I guess I'll just have to deal with the fact that I'm not capable of making more than one post each month.
These are old contest entries and some variations/"outtakes" again, but it's the first time that I'm posting some icons from (my guilty pleasure) Gilmore Girls ;)

001-009 Linkin Park
010-020 30 Seconds To Mars
022-040 Gilmore Girls
043-048 Supernatural (4x18 The Monster At The End Of This Book)
049-052 Supernatural (4x19 Jump the Shark)
055-064 Supernatural (mainly old contest entries)


come with me... )

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Last anniversary post! Again, most of these are old contest entries and variations (I seem to make too much of these at the moment^^).
The pictures I used for 055-065 were taken by [ profile] ckll.

001-010 Linkin Park (one animated)
013-037 30 Seconds To Mars
040-045 Moonlight
046-052 NCIS
055-065 Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki (LA Con 2009)


wishing I could be there... )
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Another graphic post that didn't turn out like I wanted, because actually I wanted to post some icons of fandoms I never made icons of before (NCIS, Pushing Daisies and my guilty pleasure Gilmore Girls). In addition to that I don't really like this batch, except the 30 Seconds To Mars icons and the wallpapers.

001-001 Linkin Park (animated)
004-021 30 Seconds To Mars
022-023 Moonlight
025-032 Supernatural (4x10 Heaven And Hell )
034-035 Supernatural (4x11 Family Remains)
037-040 Supernatural (3x16 No Rest For The Wicked)
043-049 Supernatural (mainly old contest entries)
+ 5 Linkin Park wallpapers


enjoy the silence... )
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Happy New Year!
Wow! Another update in less than a month :D
These are the first banners that I post here and there were originally made for the header challenge at [ profile] challenge_30stm .

Three different 30 Seconds To Mars banners (each with a "Friends Only" version and a version without text) and matching icons for two of them


falling in love with your favourite song ... )
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Happy Holidays!

As you can see I'm still alive. I actually wanted to do an official hiatus post about three weeks ago, but you can see what actually happened...nothing. I always had the feeling that school somehow drained the life out of me, so I went to bed pretty early the last couple of weeks and now my holidays are actually reserved for studying, but that doesn't go so well at the moment, because I still sleep around 11 (!) hours each night. I feel like I'm ninety and not nineteen. The only thing that I managed to make is a new header that fits to one of the contest icons which I personally really like :D
So I thought that I could at least make a Christmas post (that was actually meant to be posted yesterday) with some collected old contest entries and a handful of other icons.

001-008 Linkin Park (some with other artists)
010-011 30 Seconds To Mars
013-025 Moonlight
028-028 Jensen Ackles
031-040 Supernatural (4x07 It's The Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester)
043-047 Supernatural (4x08 Wishful Thinking)
049-052 Supernatural (4x09 I Know What You Did Last Summer)
055-068 Supernatural (mainly old contest entries)



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Almost a whole month past since my last entry, again :( School is practically eating me and everyone else up at the moment and I'm actually not in the mood to do anything when I come home...
But since today is my birthday I really wanted to make another update, so here it is :D

001-004 30 Seconds To Mars
007-009 Moonlight
010-010 Jensen Ackles
013-017 Supernatural (4x03 In The Beginning)
019-025 Supernatural (4x04 Metamorphosis)
028-039 Supernatural (4x05 Monster Movie)
040-052 Supernatural (4x06 Yellow Fever)
055-062 Supernatural (mainly old contest entries)




shut up and drive... )
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Yeah! Third update in one week :D
And it's even an update without anything Supernatural related :P

001-017 Linkin Park (In The End)
019-021 Linkin Park (Lyrics)
022-028 Linkin Park (old contest entries)
031-043 30 Seconds To Mars
046-054 Moonlight


and watch the clouds fall from the sky... )

#033: Icons

Sep. 1st, 2008 05:09 pm
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WOW! Again, it's been more than one month since my last update and I can't believe it. To my defence I have to say that I actually wanted to make an update last week, but my computer just didn't work anymore, because the hard drive was kinda broken. Fortunately everything is back to normal with a brand new hard drive and everything is still there :D

001-012 Supernatural
013-021 30 Seconds To Mars
022-043 Linkin Park


put on your break lights... )
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I have no idea why I abandoned my journal for so long. I actually planned to make much more updates during my holidays, but that obviously didn't least a have a new header :D
Last weekend was my little trip to Amsterdam. I still think it's crazy that we actually got there just to watch a movie, but it was definitely worth it. The Dark Knight is probably the best movie I've ever seen! And this will be everything I say about it, because once I start talking about the movie I can't stop :D Of course I needed to make an new header with one of my favourite quotes, although I still love the picture of the previous one and I can't say if I might use it again as my header image ;)

001-003 The Dark Knight
004-009 Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki (Comic Con 2008)
010-020 Supernatural
022-030 30 Seconds To Mars
031-038 Linkin Park
+1 The Dark Knight wallpaper


some men just want to watch the world burn... )
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HOLIDAYS! Finally ;)
I really need them this time, because I feel like my body won't work if I would go back to school on Monday.

Less then one week until I'll see Linkin Park again! I'm so excited :D
In the same week I'll go to a theme park (Europa Park) for two days with three friends. I'm really happy that after a little delay everything worked out and we are now really able to go there.
And (maybe the weirdest thing I'll do in the next six weeks^^) I'll take a trip to Amsterdam just to watch The Dark Knight, because it premiers early (and in English!) in the Netherlands. I never would have imagined before to make a little journey just to watch a movie :D

Now to the icons:
For some odd reason I think that the MCR ones are very funny, don't ask why. I don't even think that the are good, but at least the they are funny. But I really like the way the others turned out :) And I can't believe that I really have a post without any Supernatural icons :D

001-009 My Chemical Romance
010-024 Linkin Park (Leave Out All The Rest)
025-033 Jared Leto / 30 Seconds To Mars


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I really, really wanted to update earlier, but I didn't want to make an entry just with old contest entries so I made some other icons of Supernatural, but I simply think that they are crap. The only reason why I put them up anyway is to have more icons in this post and maybe someone even likes them :D

I'm kind of sick at the moment, but I (and my doctor) can't really figure out what it is. The thing is that I have a pretty bad stomachache from time to time and I've nearly eaten nothing since Monday :( I'm glad that nothing important is happening in school at the moment, because there is only one week until the holiday.
But that also means that I had a lot of time, so I started reading the kind of fanfiction (Supernatural of course^^)  that I actually avoided, of course it isn't that bad and it is good to kill some time ;)

001-024 Supernatural (Season 1 Promo)
025-034 Supernatural (various from Season 3)
037-042 Linkin Park
043-045 30 Seconds To Mars
046-048 Mikey Way




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Real life is keeping me pretty busy at the moment (again), so most of the time I just check out my flist and don't even write a comment.
First of all we had a little family trouble that had most of my and my family's attention for some days/weeks.
And at the moment every teacher thinks, again, that we are just working for their subject, therefore everyone actually needs a day with at least 35 hours...

So, of course, I still have the same layout. At least I think it's my best one so far...

001-009 Twilight
010-027 Supernatural
028-032 Linkin Park
034-037 Gerard Way
038-039 30 Seconds To Mars

1 Twilight
1 Supernatural
1 Moonlight



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