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Today’s my journal’s

First Anniversary!

One year ago I got it and three days later I made the first icons post with new icons :D

And a special occasion needs a special update: I made at least 3 icons of (nearly) every fandom I ever used. I actually wanted to make a new layout, too, but unfortunately I had no time for that.

001-003 Blaqk Audio
004-009 Depeche Mode
010-012 Placebo
013-015 The Killers
016-024 Linkin Park / Fort Minor / Mike Shinoda
025-036 My Chemical Romance / Gerard Way / Mikey Way
037-045 30 Seconds To Mars / Jared Leto
046-048 Heath Ledger
049-051 Johnny Depp
052-054 Robert Pattinson
055-057 Wentworth Miller
058-063 Harry Potter
064-066 Pirates of the Caribbean
067-069 Twilight
070-072 Prison Break
073-075 Supernatural (rather the Impala^^)

076-079 Linkin Park (old contest entries)
082-096 Supernatural (old contest entries)




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Last post before I leave Germany (and the internet) for one week and go to Rome (school trip). I really hope that my friends page won't explode when I'm back :D

001-012 30 Seconds To Mars
013-030 My Chemical Romance
031-036 Harry Potter
037-038 Gerard Way (old contest entries)
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#011: Icons

Sep. 4th, 2007 07:45 pm
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I know that it's been a pretty long time since my last entry, but at the moment everything is very busy again.
First of all school started two weeks ago and I still have a timetable which actually sucks, although it should be better in class 12. Another thing is that I started going to the driving school. So there are two more evenings in the week I'm sometimes not going to the room where the computer is at all...which is pretty unusual I must admit. At the moment I am pretty upset in many different ways...the worst thing maybe is that I'm probably not able to go to the My Chemical Romance concert in Düsseldorf, because there is nothing I am able to look forward to :( It's not that I'm not allowed to go, but there is nobody who is allowed to go with me and another one seems to have no money left for a concert...

Before I start to tell the story of my whole life, I want to mention that I made some changes here:
1. There is a little box with rules at the left side (so nobody will be able to ignore them^^)
2. I finally cleaned and updated the resource post.

And finally some new icons

001-003 Harry Potter
004-009 The Killers
010-026 Blaqk Audio (Lyrics)
027-032 Linkin Park


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