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Surprise update!
Well, maybe not for you, but for me :D
Finally an update with new icons (most of them were made today^^). They are rather simple, but I hope someone likes them, although they are just album covers ;)

001-027 Album Covers (Hard-Fi, Franz Ferdinand)
028-030 30 Seconds To Mars
031-042 Pushing Daisies
043-047 Gilmore Girls
048-050 Supernatural
051-052 Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki


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So I've been back for a while now, but was a little too lazy to make an update. Just three new icons (which come with suitable banners and a wallpaper), although I actually wanted to make some of "Life On Mars (UK)", because I totally fell in love with episode 7 of season 2 (although I was a little bit disappointed about the end) LOL
I'm thinking about claiming an episode at [ profile] iepisode_spn seems like I can work with deadlines at challenge communities and when it comes to making icons without provided screencaps/pictures/themes I kinda fail, so it might be the right thing for me ;D

001-008 Linkin Park
010-019 30 Seconds To Mars
022-024 Moonlight
025-036 NCIS (Gibbs only)
037-059 Gilmore Girls
061-073 Supernatural
076-078 Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki (+ a matching wallpaper and banners)
+ 1 Supernatural header (originally made for [ profile] spn_header_con )


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Last anniversary post! Again, most of these are old contest entries and variations (I seem to make too much of these at the moment^^).
The pictures I used for 055-065 were taken by [ profile] ckll.

001-010 Linkin Park (one animated)
013-037 30 Seconds To Mars
040-045 Moonlight
046-052 NCIS
055-065 Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki (LA Con 2009)


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So here is the (promised) second post including Supernatural icons (and banners). Most of these are old contest entries or icons I made from the provided screencaps that I didn't enter, although I have to admit that there are also a lot of variations *blushes*

001-002 Supernatural (4x12 Criss Angel Is A Douchebag)
004-010 Supernatural (4x13 After School Special) + 2 banners
013-019 Supernatural (4x14 Sex And Violence)
022-024 Supernatural (4x15 Death Takes A Holiday)
025-030 Supernatural (4x16 On The Head Of A Pin)
031-037 Supernatural (4x17 It's A Terrible Life)
040-042 Supernatural (1x04 Phantom Traveler)
043-044 Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki


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Finally another update with graphics, although it's not what I actually wanted to post :D
I actually wanted to make some icons of Jared's little Goth photoshoot, but as you can see that didn't happen. Instead I made wallpapers, banners and icons (in that order) of some Supernatural Season 4 promos that I actually really like ;)

001-015 Supernatural (Season 4 Promo)
+ two matching banners (each with a "Friends Only" version and a version without text)
+ two matching wallpapers



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Another day, another update! And now I'm really proud of myself :D

Only Supernatural again, but I actually thought about making another entry with some other icons this week and one with some textures that I used in my previous entry.

001-007 Supernatural (2x03 Bloodlust)
008-008 Supernatural (2x22 All Hell Breaks Loose, Part 2)
009-019 Supernatural (Season 4, mainly old contest entries)
020-025 Supernatural (old contest entries)

1 Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki


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I have no idea why I abandoned my journal for so long. I actually planned to make much more updates during my holidays, but that obviously didn't least a have a new header :D
Last weekend was my little trip to Amsterdam. I still think it's crazy that we actually got there just to watch a movie, but it was definitely worth it. The Dark Knight is probably the best movie I've ever seen! And this will be everything I say about it, because once I start talking about the movie I can't stop :D Of course I needed to make an new header with one of my favourite quotes, although I still love the picture of the previous one and I can't say if I might use it again as my header image ;)

001-003 The Dark Knight
004-009 Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki (Comic Con 2008)
010-020 Supernatural
022-030 30 Seconds To Mars
031-038 Linkin Park
+1 The Dark Knight wallpaper


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