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Hey, it's been a while and still have no new layout *sigh*
I'm pretty sure I won't make another update before my exams either and then I'll (probably) have a tiny little vacation at Europa Park with some of my friends (I'm not looking at anyone). So don't expect another update before the beginning of August, at least no icons.
It's the first time I use scrapbook, I hope it works.

In other news, the my Big Bang posting date is August 13 which is perfect for me ;)

001-002 Dave Gahan, Chester Bennington (for the faceless challenge at [ profile] rock_stills )
003-007 30 Seconds To Mars
008-019 Gilmore Girls
020-025 Fringe (1x04 The Arrival)
026-065 Supernatural (5x15 - 5x22)
+ one Jensen Ackles wallpaper



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This is the first part of another “old contest entries and variations/outtakes"-update (except for the Jensen ones, those are new). There are so many icons this time that I decided to post them in two entries, because I’m not a fan of big icon posts. The second part which only consists of Supernatural icons will be posted this weekend. There probably won’t be a real anniversary update this year, because the new semester starts on the same day, but at least I’m posting some more icons now :D

As you can see I still have no layout (or profile). Maybe I should just use a premade one again…

001-012 Jensen Ackles
013-039 Gilmore Girls
040-050 NCIS (text only)
051-063 Linkin Park
064-078 30 Seconds To Mars (+one banner)



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#056: Icons

Mar. 1st, 2010 03:59 pm
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I don't really know what took me so long this time, because I have a bunch of other stuff to post *shrugs*
I actually even wanted to make some more icons (either for this post or another one) last night, but then I watched nearly the entire hockey game with my parents :D

Although I say that in every celebrity-birthday-icon-post, I honestly still don't care that much about celebrity birthdays. I just really wanted to have some kind of fixed deadline for posting new icons. These are more or less the counterpart of Jared's post from last year.

Happy Birthday, Jensen Ackles!

001-032 Jensen Ackles (Supernatural Season 1 and 2 Promo)



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Surprise update!
Well, maybe not for you, but for me :D
Finally an update with new icons (most of them were made today^^). They are rather simple, but I hope someone likes them, although they are just album covers ;)

001-027 Album Covers (Hard-Fi, Franz Ferdinand)
028-030 30 Seconds To Mars
031-042 Pushing Daisies
043-047 Gilmore Girls
048-050 Supernatural
051-052 Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki


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Another update in less than one month (and this is not the one I already announced^^), although it's basically the same as the last post :D
Some icons made of the picture that surfaced a little later and some screencaps from an interview.

But (and that was hard work) I finally updated my resource post after more then one year, so you can say it was loooong overdue. Now all I need is a new layout ;D

001-024 Jensen Ackles (Paley Center For Media's 6th Annual Celebrity Golf Classic)


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At least I can say that I update regularly...once a month. But this month there will be at least one more post since I have a bunch of old contest entries again.
I don't know what else to say, except that it seems like I have a thing for golfers or rather just this one golfer in particular :D

001-027 Jensen Ackles (Paley Center For Media's 6th Annual Celebrity Golf Classic)


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Nothing goes as least I have an update at all :D
Although I don't really care about celebrity birthdays I thought it is a good reason to make some icons of this photoshoot  ;)

Happy Birthday, Jensen Ackles!

001-027 Jensen Ackles
+ two matching banners (each with a "Friends Only" version, a version without text and a blank version)


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Finally another update with graphics, although it's not what I actually wanted to post :D
I actually wanted to make some icons of Jared's little Goth photoshoot, but as you can see that didn't happen. Instead I made wallpapers, banners and icons (in that order) of some Supernatural Season 4 promos that I actually really like ;)

001-015 Supernatural (Season 4 Promo)
+ two matching banners (each with a "Friends Only" version and a version without text)
+ two matching wallpapers



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Happy Holidays!

As you can see I'm still alive. I actually wanted to do an official hiatus post about three weeks ago, but you can see what actually happened...nothing. I always had the feeling that school somehow drained the life out of me, so I went to bed pretty early the last couple of weeks and now my holidays are actually reserved for studying, but that doesn't go so well at the moment, because I still sleep around 11 (!) hours each night. I feel like I'm ninety and not nineteen. The only thing that I managed to make is a new header that fits to one of the contest icons which I personally really like :D
So I thought that I could at least make a Christmas post (that was actually meant to be posted yesterday) with some collected old contest entries and a handful of other icons.

001-008 Linkin Park (some with other artists)
010-011 30 Seconds To Mars
013-025 Moonlight
028-028 Jensen Ackles
031-040 Supernatural (4x07 It's The Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester)
043-047 Supernatural (4x08 Wishful Thinking)
049-052 Supernatural (4x09 I Know What You Did Last Summer)
055-068 Supernatural (mainly old contest entries)



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Almost a whole month past since my last entry, again :( School is practically eating me and everyone else up at the moment and I'm actually not in the mood to do anything when I come home...
But since today is my birthday I really wanted to make another update, so here it is :D

001-004 30 Seconds To Mars
007-009 Moonlight
010-010 Jensen Ackles
013-017 Supernatural (4x03 In The Beginning)
019-025 Supernatural (4x04 Metamorphosis)
028-039 Supernatural (4x05 Monster Movie)
040-052 Supernatural (4x06 Yellow Fever)
055-062 Supernatural (mainly old contest entries)




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