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Actually I wanted to make this update yesterday, but it took me longer to make some new icons (and to code the entry) than I thought. Anyways…

Happy Holidays!

Thanks again for the beautiful card, [ profile] flawedamythyst and [ profile] _mournthewicked for the awesome package :D

As you can see I made a Christmas (already changed again) winter version of my layout. I adore the icons for users and communities.
My 100th entry! The update is kinda "epic". I never posted so many icons in one entry before, but I wanted to include more fandoms (I didn't have time for that though).

001-008 Nine Inch Nails ("Head Like A Hole" lyrics)
009-020 Linkin Park (mainly lyrics)
021-028 Fringe (1x13 The Transformation)
029-036 True Blood (3x12 Evil Is Going On)
037-107 Supernatural (6x01-6x10, various from season 1+2)

A) Jared Leto (Hurricane video)
B) Linkin Park
C) Supernatural



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Yay! A random post-exam entry :D
It's only one wallpaper I made today. I guess the occasion is pretty clear ;)

Three different sizes under the cut.

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Finally another icon post!
I don’t have much to say, except that I have a new layout again since Halloween is over (Click). I coded this one myself and it’s actually the one I complained about in the last post :D
One thing: #22 is probably one of my favourite icons I've ever made. I'm kinda proud ;)

001-006 Vocalists (Brian Molko, Gerard Way, Brandon Flowers)
007-009 Snow Patrol (for [ profile] rock_stills )
010-018 30 Seconds To Mars (including two lyrics only)
019-021 Pushing Daisies
022-031 Gilmore Girls
032-053 Supernatural (5x01 - 5x06)
+ 4 Supernatural headers/banners (originally made for [ profile] spn_header_con , one with matching icon)


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#046: Icons

Jul. 5th, 2009 06:57 pm
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So this is the first part of the usual old contest entries and some variations/"outtakes". The other one will be only Supernatural again...Actually I wanted to update earlier, but my internet connection is awfully slow at the moment, sometimes I'm online for 15 minutes at a time, sometimes just 2 minutes (which was the mostly the case today).
As you can see I finally have a new layout (Klick), the first one that I didn't make myself and that has no header, but it seems like I can only make black/white/grey ones anyway. I have no idea how long I'll keep it though, because I’m not sure if I'll ever get used to it and I don't know how long I'll be able to live without a header :D
I'll also update my profile soon with a proper layout and everything (again, premade this time).
Enough with the rambling (not very interesting, right?) and to the actual reason of this post:

001-016 Linkin Park
019-028 30 Seconds To Mars (including five lyrics only)
031-035 Album Covers (Hard-Fi, The Killers, Placebo)
037-044 Moonlight
046-054 Pushing Daisies
055-066 NCIS
067-095 Gilmore Girls
097-099 Supernatural (Entertainment Weekly)


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Yeah! Third update in one week :D
And it's even an update without anything Supernatural related :P

001-017 Linkin Park (In The End)
019-021 Linkin Park (Lyrics)
022-028 Linkin Park (old contest entries)
031-043 30 Seconds To Mars
046-054 Moonlight


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Happy Birthday, Jared Leto!

001-030 Jared Leto
031-036 30 Seconds To Mars (Lyrics)



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Last post before I leave Germany (and the internet) for one week and go to Rome (school trip). I really hope that my friends page won't explode when I'm back :D

001-012 30 Seconds To Mars
013-030 My Chemical Romance
031-036 Harry Potter
037-038 Gerard Way (old contest entries)
+requests ([profile] audrey_potter  and [profile] courtneydf )




#012: Icons

Sep. 9th, 2007 05:06 pm
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First post with just one fandom :D
I'm very surprised about myself right now, because I was really "fast" (at least for me) with the Linkin Park Lyric icons ;)

001-027 Linkin Park (Lyrics)
028-029 Linkin Park (Logo)
030-030 Linkin Park



#011: Icons

Sep. 4th, 2007 07:45 pm
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I know that it's been a pretty long time since my last entry, but at the moment everything is very busy again.
First of all school started two weeks ago and I still have a timetable which actually sucks, although it should be better in class 12. Another thing is that I started going to the driving school. So there are two more evenings in the week I'm sometimes not going to the room where the computer is at all...which is pretty unusual I must admit. At the moment I am pretty upset in many different ways...the worst thing maybe is that I'm probably not able to go to the My Chemical Romance concert in Düsseldorf, because there is nothing I am able to look forward to :( It's not that I'm not allowed to go, but there is nobody who is allowed to go with me and another one seems to have no money left for a concert...

Before I start to tell the story of my whole life, I want to mention that I made some changes here:
1. There is a little box with rules at the left side (so nobody will be able to ignore them^^)
2. I finally cleaned and updated the resource post.

And finally some new icons

001-003 Harry Potter
004-009 The Killers
010-026 Blaqk Audio (Lyrics)
027-032 Linkin Park


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