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I actually wanted to make that update sooo much earlier, but there were several things that held me back ;) Especially the layout was supposed to be updated much earlier, because I finished it over one week ago and I think it looks more “professional” than any of the old ones ;)
First of all (the most important thing) I had to learn for my written driving license test and I was pretty bad at all that theoretic stuff, but I passed without any mistakes :D
The second thing is that I really wanted to make some more icons before posting another update, but as you can see, there are not that much…
And the third reason is…well, I think I became some kind of Supernatural-addicted :D Although I’m just done with the first season yet, I think I became a little fangirl ;)
So there will definitely be some Supernatural icons in future and I’m planning to make another texture set (you can see the texture I already made in second teaser icon

001-006 Pirates of the Caribbean
007-015 Linkin Park (+ 3 old contest entries)
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Last post before I leave Germany (and the internet) for one week and go to Rome (school trip). I really hope that my friends page won't explode when I'm back :D

001-012 30 Seconds To Mars
013-030 My Chemical Romance
031-036 Harry Potter
037-038 Gerard Way (old contest entries)
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