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001-022 It's Christmastime Again, Charlie Brown
023-041 Pushing Daisies (1x09 Corpsicle)
042-085 Supernatural (7x04-7x10)


Find all 85 icons here at [info]iwillnotdance
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001-042 Supernatural (various from season 1-6)
043-051 Fringe
052-056 Hawaii Five-0
057-059 Grimm
060-063 Eureka


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I decided to post this at my personal journal since only the wallpapers are supposed to be used by other people in case you were wondering why I’m suddenly posting this here ;)

Fic Title: Baby, You're so Real.
Author: [ profile] withdiamonds
Fandom/Genre: SPN, bodyswap
Pairing(s): Sam/Dean (more UST than anything else)
Rating: PG
Word Count: c.6000
Warnings: Not really.

Summary: It's not enough that Lucifer is popping up in Sam's head all the time, now Sam has to deal with looking in the mirror and seeing his brother's face. Not to mention, he has to listen to Dean complain about being tall. He can only hope that Dean and Bobby will figure out a way to reverse whatever the hell's happening, because it's making Sam dizzy.

This is a cut )
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Happy Halloween!

I finally managed to post the first batch of icons at [ profile] iwillnotdance, but I will continue to make entries like this one here. It's not like I update that often anyway. People who just friended me for my icons, feel free to defriend me and watch the community instead ;)

001-010 Stock (cats)
011-025 True Blood
026-044 Fringe (mostly 3x12 Concentrate and Ask Again)
045-054 Hawaii Five-0 (1x17 Powa Maka Moana)
055-080 Supernatural (7x01-7x03)
081-086 Crossover (Supernatural/True Blood, Supernatural/Fringe, Supernatural/Hawaii Five-0)


Find all 86 icons here at [ profile] iwillnotdance
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I thought I could post some icons for a change not that I'd have to study or anything ;)
The Linkin Park and Moonlight icons are really old and were made for icontest communities which haven't been updated in over a year. I deleted some of them, but kept the majority. I'm not sure if that's sad (that I wouldn't consider them as too bad to post) or if it just shows that I changed my style *shrugs*

001-014 Linkin Park
015-020 Moonlight
021-028 Gilmore Girls
029-081 Supernatural (6x17 - 6x22, various from all seasons)



wait until you know the time is right on time... )

#075: Icons

Apr. 3rd, 2011 08:08 pm
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Uni starts again tomorrow, so I thought I'd finally get these icons out of my way. Most of them are old contest entries and cropped tumblr graphics (both with lots of alternatives, sorry).

001-004 Linkin Park
005-014 Gilmore Girls
015-018 NCIS
019-022 The Mentalist
023-026 Hawaii Five-0
027-062 Supernatural (6x12 - 6x16)


this will be my last confession... )

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My exams are (kinda) over \o/
The first thing I did this morning was vacuuming my room...

Some of the icons were made for [ profile] ic0nfest . It's always fun, although I didn't have so much time this round. I signed up for another round at [ profile] gilmore20in20 as well, so there will (hopefully!) be another update in the next 10 days.

I also want to make a new layout or change the colors again. Hmm...

001-006 Despicable Me
007-014 Pixar movies: Toy Story (all three), Up, Monsters, Inc.
015-019 My Chemical Romance
020-024 Fringe
025-043 Supernatural (various from season 6)



I’m on the right track baby... )
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First update in 2011 and it's still January \o/
It will also be the last update in January, because exams are just around the corner (4 weeks^^). So the next update will probably be in six weeks.

I also have a Tumblr now. I checked some sites regularly before I had an account. It's much easier that way ;)

Most of these icons were made for the Holiday Icon Fest by the way.

001-005 Stock
006-015 Despicable Me
016-019 Harry Potter
020-028 True Blood
029-044 Supernatural (3x06 Red Sky At Morning, 6x11 Appointment in Samarra)
045-049 Hawaii Five-0 (1x01 Pilot)
050-054 The Mentalist (1x19 A Dozen Red Roses)



Why are you marking x on that spot? )

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Actually I wanted to make this update yesterday, but it took me longer to make some new icons (and to code the entry) than I thought. Anyways…

Happy Holidays!

Thanks again for the beautiful card, [ profile] flawedamythyst and [ profile] _mournthewicked for the awesome package :D

As you can see I made a Christmas (already changed again) winter version of my layout. I adore the icons for users and communities.
My 100th entry! The update is kinda "epic". I never posted so many icons in one entry before, but I wanted to include more fandoms (I didn't have time for that though).

001-008 Nine Inch Nails ("Head Like A Hole" lyrics)
009-020 Linkin Park (mainly lyrics)
021-028 Fringe (1x13 The Transformation)
029-036 True Blood (3x12 Evil Is Going On)
037-107 Supernatural (6x01-6x10, various from season 1+2)

A) Jared Leto (Hurricane video)
B) Linkin Park
C) Supernatural



Ho Ho Ho )
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Yay, another update!
I wanted to make a wallpaper from the last scene of 6x02 and I really like the way it turned out, so I thought I’d just share it ;)
The icons are the usual collected old contest entries etc.

001-004 Linkin Park (guitars)
005-055 Supernatural (various from season 1-5)
+ one Supernatural wallpaper (6x02 Two And A Half Men) with matching banner and icon


where I lay my head is home... )

#066: Icons

Oct. 4th, 2010 05:26 pm
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I finally finished my layout \o/
No idea why it took me so long. It's not even that complex *shakeshead*
Unfortunately it doesn't look too good in IE, but who does still use this thing?
It doesn't look exactly the way I wanted either, because near the end of coding I realized that most people don't have the solution 1366x768 LOL

I also joined another round of [ profile] gilmore20in20 which I'll hopefully finish before the semester starts on the 11th.

Anyway, I wanted to post the icons I made for [ profile] lemonpunch 's iconfest (but not before I finished this damn layout!) all in one post. Except for two they were all made for this occasion ;)

001-004 Music (Muse, Adam Lambert)
005-009 Harry Potter (Deathly Hallows)
010-012 Pushing Daisies
013-018 True Blood
019-024 Supernatural (4x06 and 2x15)
025-027 Jared Padalecki



start trying to catch up... )
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A post that only consists of brand new icons. I can't remember the last time that happened.
I made season five gag reel icons in case someone wants crappy still icons instead of awesome animated ones ;)
Some of the Inception icons are results of me playing around with some ideas I got from [ profile] ohfreckle 's guide.

001-006 Linkin Park
007-013 Inception
014-019 Fringe (2x13 What Lies Below)
020-036 Supernatural (Season 5 Gag Reel)



You musn't be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling. )

[ profile] iconwhoa_awards
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It's finally here!

My Big Bang art post:

Author: [ profile] kitsune13
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: NC-17
Length: ~21,500
Warnings/Spoilers: Set vaguely post-season 5, but very much seasons 1 and 2 in spirit – this is totally old-school casefile Wincest, baby.
Summary: Love happens, and you have to go where it goes.

In the morning, they left for Charleston, South Carolina. )

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I'm back! Finally an update with icons ;)
I’m still working on some stuff for Big Bang which will be posted in 10 days.

I also participated in the 30 Days Meme at [ profile] dean_sam and I thought I’d just post my answers here as well: tl;dr )

001-011 30 Seconds To Mars
012-050 Supernatural (various from season 5)
051-060 The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (2005)
061-061 Toy Story 2



symphonies of blinding light... )
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Hey, it's been a while and still have no new layout *sigh*
I'm pretty sure I won't make another update before my exams either and then I'll (probably) have a tiny little vacation at Europa Park with some of my friends (I'm not looking at anyone). So don't expect another update before the beginning of August, at least no icons.
It's the first time I use scrapbook, I hope it works.

In other news, the my Big Bang posting date is August 13 which is perfect for me ;)

001-002 Dave Gahan, Chester Bennington (for the faceless challenge at [ profile] rock_stills )
003-007 30 Seconds To Mars
008-019 Gilmore Girls
020-025 Fringe (1x04 The Arrival)
026-065 Supernatural (5x15 - 5x22)
+ one Jensen Ackles wallpaper



I feel fine... )
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The second part. It might have been better to post them a couple of more days apart, but it’s too late now *shrugs*
And I shouldn't wait that long next time until I make a post with my old contest entries. I never realized there were that much I haven't posted yet.

This post is dedicated to T. who is able to make me love this show even more :)

001-021 Supernatural (5x11 - 5x15)
022-089 Supernatural (various from all seasons)




don't fear the reaper... )
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These were originally made for [ profile] iepisode_spn  last September, but [ profile] exp0se  gave me the permission to use the original table from the community.
I really like most of these icons that’s why I posted them, although they are a little older.

[20] Supernatural (4x17 It's A Terrible Life)
+ 7 variations



Details are everything! )
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So I totally forgot to mention in my last entry that you can't call this post very successful. I guess I'll just go back to not posting anything without graphics ;D

I finally have a paid account, yay! As some of you know that means I passed all of my exams ;)
Now I just need a new layout and profile…

Today's update:

Three different Supernatural banners (+variations) which were originally made for [ profile] super_stillness . All have matching icons and one also has a matching wallpaper.



Cut! )

#056: Icons

Mar. 1st, 2010 03:59 pm
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I don't really know what took me so long this time, because I have a bunch of other stuff to post *shrugs*
I actually even wanted to make some more icons (either for this post or another one) last night, but then I watched nearly the entire hockey game with my parents :D

Although I say that in every celebrity-birthday-icon-post, I honestly still don't care that much about celebrity birthdays. I just really wanted to have some kind of fixed deadline for posting new icons. These are more or less the counterpart of Jared's post from last year.

Happy Birthday, Jensen Ackles!

001-032 Jensen Ackles (Supernatural Season 1 and 2 Promo)



32 )
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I'm still alive! I don't have that much time nowadays (mostly because I don’t feel like doing much on my days off^^), but I'm happier than I've been in ages. At university I’m finally free from teachers that seemed to dislike me, because I was a very quiet student and therefore giving me bad marks (and I yes, I didn’t just imagine that, because I wasn’t the only one). It’s the first time in more than five years that I’m “feeling” Christmas again and I think that’s a good thing :)

The update is (very) small and most of these are old contest entries. I have a laptop now, but I didn’t make many icons with it so far. Maybe that’ll change over the holidays and I’ll make another update before the end of the year ;)

001-004 Bands/Musicians (My Chemical Romance, The Killers, Dave Gahan)
005-009 Linkin Park
010-021 Supernatural (5x07 - 5x10, miscellaneous)



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