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I thought I could post some icons for a change not that I'd have to study or anything ;)
The Linkin Park and Moonlight icons are really old and were made for icontest communities which haven't been updated in over a year. I deleted some of them, but kept the majority. I'm not sure if that's sad (that I wouldn't consider them as too bad to post) or if it just shows that I changed my style *shrugs*

001-014 Linkin Park
015-020 Moonlight
021-028 Gilmore Girls
029-081 Supernatural (6x17 - 6x22, various from all seasons)



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So I've been back for a while now, but was a little too lazy to make an update. Just three new icons (which come with suitable banners and a wallpaper), although I actually wanted to make some of "Life On Mars (UK)", because I totally fell in love with episode 7 of season 2 (although I was a little bit disappointed about the end) LOL
I'm thinking about claiming an episode at [ profile] iepisode_spn seems like I can work with deadlines at challenge communities and when it comes to making icons without provided screencaps/pictures/themes I kinda fail, so it might be the right thing for me ;D

001-008 Linkin Park
010-019 30 Seconds To Mars
022-024 Moonlight
025-036 NCIS (Gibbs only)
037-059 Gilmore Girls
061-073 Supernatural
076-078 Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki (+ a matching wallpaper and banners)
+ 1 Supernatural header (originally made for [ profile] spn_header_con )


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#046: Icons

Jul. 5th, 2009 06:57 pm
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So this is the first part of the usual old contest entries and some variations/"outtakes". The other one will be only Supernatural again...Actually I wanted to update earlier, but my internet connection is awfully slow at the moment, sometimes I'm online for 15 minutes at a time, sometimes just 2 minutes (which was the mostly the case today).
As you can see I finally have a new layout (Klick), the first one that I didn't make myself and that has no header, but it seems like I can only make black/white/grey ones anyway. I have no idea how long I'll keep it though, because I’m not sure if I'll ever get used to it and I don't know how long I'll be able to live without a header :D
I'll also update my profile soon with a proper layout and everything (again, premade this time).
Enough with the rambling (not very interesting, right?) and to the actual reason of this post:

001-016 Linkin Park
019-028 30 Seconds To Mars (including five lyrics only)
031-035 Album Covers (Hard-Fi, The Killers, Placebo)
037-044 Moonlight
046-054 Pushing Daisies
055-066 NCIS
067-095 Gilmore Girls
097-099 Supernatural (Entertainment Weekly)


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Last anniversary post! Again, most of these are old contest entries and variations (I seem to make too much of these at the moment^^).
The pictures I used for 055-065 were taken by [ profile] ckll.

001-010 Linkin Park (one animated)
013-037 30 Seconds To Mars
040-045 Moonlight
046-052 NCIS
055-065 Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki (LA Con 2009)


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Another graphic post that didn't turn out like I wanted, because actually I wanted to post some icons of fandoms I never made icons of before (NCIS, Pushing Daisies and my guilty pleasure Gilmore Girls). In addition to that I don't really like this batch, except the 30 Seconds To Mars icons and the wallpapers.

001-001 Linkin Park (animated)
004-021 30 Seconds To Mars
022-023 Moonlight
025-032 Supernatural (4x10 Heaven And Hell )
034-035 Supernatural (4x11 Family Remains)
037-040 Supernatural (3x16 No Rest For The Wicked)
043-049 Supernatural (mainly old contest entries)
+ 5 Linkin Park wallpapers


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Happy Holidays!

As you can see I'm still alive. I actually wanted to do an official hiatus post about three weeks ago, but you can see what actually happened...nothing. I always had the feeling that school somehow drained the life out of me, so I went to bed pretty early the last couple of weeks and now my holidays are actually reserved for studying, but that doesn't go so well at the moment, because I still sleep around 11 (!) hours each night. I feel like I'm ninety and not nineteen. The only thing that I managed to make is a new header that fits to one of the contest icons which I personally really like :D
So I thought that I could at least make a Christmas post (that was actually meant to be posted yesterday) with some collected old contest entries and a handful of other icons.

001-008 Linkin Park (some with other artists)
010-011 30 Seconds To Mars
013-025 Moonlight
028-028 Jensen Ackles
031-040 Supernatural (4x07 It's The Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester)
043-047 Supernatural (4x08 Wishful Thinking)
049-052 Supernatural (4x09 I Know What You Did Last Summer)
055-068 Supernatural (mainly old contest entries)



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Almost a whole month past since my last entry, again :( School is practically eating me and everyone else up at the moment and I'm actually not in the mood to do anything when I come home...
But since today is my birthday I really wanted to make another update, so here it is :D

001-004 30 Seconds To Mars
007-009 Moonlight
010-010 Jensen Ackles
013-017 Supernatural (4x03 In The Beginning)
019-025 Supernatural (4x04 Metamorphosis)
028-039 Supernatural (4x05 Monster Movie)
040-052 Supernatural (4x06 Yellow Fever)
055-062 Supernatural (mainly old contest entries)




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Yeah! Third update in one week :D
And it's even an update without anything Supernatural related :P

001-017 Linkin Park (In The End)
019-021 Linkin Park (Lyrics)
022-028 Linkin Park (old contest entries)
031-043 30 Seconds To Mars
046-054 Moonlight


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Real life is keeping me pretty busy at the moment (again), so most of the time I just check out my flist and don't even write a comment.
First of all we had a little family trouble that had most of my and my family's attention for some days/weeks.
And at the moment every teacher thinks, again, that we are just working for their subject, therefore everyone actually needs a day with at least 35 hours...

So, of course, I still have the same layout. At least I think it's my best one so far...

001-009 Twilight
010-027 Supernatural
028-032 Linkin Park
034-037 Gerard Way
038-039 30 Seconds To Mars

1 Twilight
1 Supernatural
1 Moonlight



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