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new graphics can be found at [ profile] iwillnotdance
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001-022 It's Christmastime Again, Charlie Brown
023-041 Pushing Daisies (1x09 Corpsicle)
042-085 Supernatural (7x04-7x10)


Find all 85 icons here at [info]iwillnotdance
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001-042 Supernatural (various from season 1-6)
043-051 Fringe
052-056 Hawaii Five-0
057-059 Grimm
060-063 Eureka


Find all 63 icons here at [info]iwillnotdance
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I decided to post this at my personal journal since only the wallpapers are supposed to be used by other people in case you were wondering why I’m suddenly posting this here ;)

Fic Title: Baby, You're so Real.
Author: [ profile] withdiamonds
Fandom/Genre: SPN, bodyswap
Pairing(s): Sam/Dean (more UST than anything else)
Rating: PG
Word Count: c.6000
Warnings: Not really.

Summary: It's not enough that Lucifer is popping up in Sam's head all the time, now Sam has to deal with looking in the mirror and seeing his brother's face. Not to mention, he has to listen to Dean complain about being tall. He can only hope that Dean and Bobby will figure out a way to reverse whatever the hell's happening, because it's making Sam dizzy.

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Since it's [ profile] eamesie's birthday (Happy Birthday!) today and my birthday tomorrow (and I usually post something on my birthday), I thought I'd finally share this texture set with you.

I hope it's useful since I tried something different with this set. I used screencaps from Hawaii Five-0 as a base (hence the name) and I think they turned out alright, just a little boring maybe ;)


The whole set can be found here.
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Happy Halloween!

I finally managed to post the first batch of icons at [ profile] iwillnotdance, but I will continue to make entries like this one here. It's not like I update that often anyway. People who just friended me for my icons, feel free to defriend me and watch the community instead ;)

001-010 Stock (cats)
011-025 True Blood
026-044 Fringe (mostly 3x12 Concentrate and Ask Again)
045-054 Hawaii Five-0 (1x17 Powa Maka Moana)
055-080 Supernatural (7x01-7x03)
081-086 Crossover (Supernatural/True Blood, Supernatural/Fringe, Supernatural/Hawaii Five-0)


Find all 86 icons here at [ profile] iwillnotdance
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I personally think that yellow light textures are very useful, so I made this set. I actually made it when LJ was down, but I totally forgot about it :D


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I thought I could post some icons for a change not that I'd have to study or anything ;)
The Linkin Park and Moonlight icons are really old and were made for icontest communities which haven't been updated in over a year. I deleted some of them, but kept the majority. I'm not sure if that's sad (that I wouldn't consider them as too bad to post) or if it just shows that I changed my style *shrugs*

001-014 Linkin Park
015-020 Moonlight
021-028 Gilmore Girls
029-081 Supernatural (6x17 - 6x22, various from all seasons)



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This whole batch sucks so much (well, most of it) :/
I wasn't really in the mood for making icons and somehow the caps I chose were all really crappy, but that's not a reason to drop out of a challenge I guess, so I'm posting them anyway. I don't think waiting until the 20th would make them better.

[20] Gilmore Girls for [ profile] gilmore20in20 



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First graphic-related post since April...
It's a texture set I made last November for a contest at [ profile] goodtextures. I really like it and I've used them several times already ;)


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Somehow I forgot that I signed up for [ profile] gilmore20in20. I made 10 icons a week ago and then I forgot about it. The rest was made today and I'm not really happy with them. And the icons for artist's choice are the most random thing ever. I just clicked a gallery and chose some random caps. 

[20] Gilmore Girls (Free For All)



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#075: Icons

Apr. 3rd, 2011 08:08 pm
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Uni starts again tomorrow, so I thought I'd finally get these icons out of my way. Most of them are old contest entries and cropped tumblr graphics (both with lots of alternatives, sorry).

001-004 Linkin Park
005-014 Gilmore Girls
015-018 NCIS
019-022 The Mentalist
023-026 Hawaii Five-0
027-062 Supernatural (6x12 - 6x16)


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Another entry for [ profile] gilmore20in20 and still no new layout. On the 22nd I have to write another exam, so I guess I won't be making any news icons (etc.) soon *sigh*

[20] Gilmore Girls (1x07 Kiss and Tell)
+ 6 variations



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I just thought I'd leave this here, so it doesn't look like this journal is not used.
I basically have this account for watching Sims-related journals. That's it actually.

While I doubt you want to find out more about me, you can try the places I listed behind the cut ;)

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