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Today’s my journal’s

First Anniversary!

One year ago I got it and three days later I made the first icons post with new icons :D

And a special occasion needs a special update: I made at least 3 icons of (nearly) every fandom I ever used. I actually wanted to make a new layout, too, but unfortunately I had no time for that.

001-003 Blaqk Audio
004-009 Depeche Mode
010-012 Placebo
013-015 The Killers
016-024 Linkin Park / Fort Minor / Mike Shinoda
025-036 My Chemical Romance / Gerard Way / Mikey Way
037-045 30 Seconds To Mars / Jared Leto
046-048 Heath Ledger
049-051 Johnny Depp
052-054 Robert Pattinson
055-057 Wentworth Miller
058-063 Harry Potter
064-066 Pirates of the Caribbean
067-069 Twilight
070-072 Prison Break
073-075 Supernatural (rather the Impala^^)

076-079 Linkin Park (old contest entries)
082-096 Supernatural (old contest entries)




!!! )
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Finally I found some time to make some icons and to update this journal ;)
Well, a couple of things happened since my last entry, although they are not worldshaking or something like that :D
Of course, I wasn’t able to see MCR, but I’m actually not that sad, because I was not that overwhelmed by the setlist and the short review I read on a German board.
BUT: I’m going to see Linkin Park in January!!! I have been waiting for this concert for 5 years now and I’m finally able to go :)
As you can see, I changed the layout earlier today. I simply love this picture ;)
I’m not a big fan of award shows, but without the EMAs I wouldn’t have this picture now. I even watched a little of the show:
1 . Jared's “speech” was awesome and he looked pretty hot in my eyes <3
2 . Dave Gahan is maybe one of the coolest persons on earth and he looks fabulous for his age (or maybe in general :D)
3 . The performance of My Chemical Romance was the worst I’ve ever seen of them, another reason for not being that sad…

And now the icons:

001-003 Jared Leto
004-006 30 Seconds To Mars
007-010 Gerard Way and Jared Leto
011-015 My Chemical Romance
016-024 Wentworth Miller (S01 and S02 Promos)
025-027 Linkin Park (old contest entries)




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