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I decided to post this at my personal journal since only the wallpapers are supposed to be used by other people in case you were wondering why I’m suddenly posting this here ;)

Fic Title: Baby, You're so Real.
Author: [ profile] withdiamonds
Fandom/Genre: SPN, bodyswap
Pairing(s): Sam/Dean (more UST than anything else)
Rating: PG
Word Count: c.6000
Warnings: Not really.

Summary: It's not enough that Lucifer is popping up in Sam's head all the time, now Sam has to deal with looking in the mirror and seeing his brother's face. Not to mention, he has to listen to Dean complain about being tall. He can only hope that Dean and Bobby will figure out a way to reverse whatever the hell's happening, because it's making Sam dizzy.

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Actually I wanted to make this update yesterday, but it took me longer to make some new icons (and to code the entry) than I thought. Anyways…

Happy Holidays!

Thanks again for the beautiful card, [ profile] flawedamythyst and [ profile] _mournthewicked for the awesome package :D

As you can see I made a Christmas (already changed again) winter version of my layout. I adore the icons for users and communities.
My 100th entry! The update is kinda "epic". I never posted so many icons in one entry before, but I wanted to include more fandoms (I didn't have time for that though).

001-008 Nine Inch Nails ("Head Like A Hole" lyrics)
009-020 Linkin Park (mainly lyrics)
021-028 Fringe (1x13 The Transformation)
029-036 True Blood (3x12 Evil Is Going On)
037-107 Supernatural (6x01-6x10, various from season 1+2)

A) Jared Leto (Hurricane video)
B) Linkin Park
C) Supernatural



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Yay, another update!
I wanted to make a wallpaper from the last scene of 6x02 and I really like the way it turned out, so I thought I’d just share it ;)
The icons are the usual collected old contest entries etc.

001-004 Linkin Park (guitars)
005-055 Supernatural (various from season 1-5)
+ one Supernatural wallpaper (6x02 Two And A Half Men) with matching banner and icon


where I lay my head is home... )

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It's finally here!

My Big Bang art post:

Author: [ profile] kitsune13
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: NC-17
Length: ~21,500
Warnings/Spoilers: Set vaguely post-season 5, but very much seasons 1 and 2 in spirit – this is totally old-school casefile Wincest, baby.
Summary: Love happens, and you have to go where it goes.

In the morning, they left for Charleston, South Carolina. )

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Hey, it's been a while and still have no new layout *sigh*
I'm pretty sure I won't make another update before my exams either and then I'll (probably) have a tiny little vacation at Europa Park with some of my friends (I'm not looking at anyone). So don't expect another update before the beginning of August, at least no icons.
It's the first time I use scrapbook, I hope it works.

In other news, the my Big Bang posting date is August 13 which is perfect for me ;)

001-002 Dave Gahan, Chester Bennington (for the faceless challenge at [ profile] rock_stills )
003-007 30 Seconds To Mars
008-019 Gilmore Girls
020-025 Fringe (1x04 The Arrival)
026-065 Supernatural (5x15 - 5x22)
+ one Jensen Ackles wallpaper



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So I totally forgot to mention in my last entry that you can't call this post very successful. I guess I'll just go back to not posting anything without graphics ;D

I finally have a paid account, yay! As some of you know that means I passed all of my exams ;)
Now I just need a new layout and profile…

Today's update:

Three different Supernatural banners (+variations) which were originally made for [ profile] super_stillness . All have matching icons and one also has a matching wallpaper.



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Yay! A random post-exam entry :D
It's only one wallpaper I made today. I guess the occasion is pretty clear ;)

Three different sizes under the cut.

I'm killing time on valentine's... )
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So I've been back for a while now, but was a little too lazy to make an update. Just three new icons (which come with suitable banners and a wallpaper), although I actually wanted to make some of "Life On Mars (UK)", because I totally fell in love with episode 7 of season 2 (although I was a little bit disappointed about the end) LOL
I'm thinking about claiming an episode at [ profile] iepisode_spn seems like I can work with deadlines at challenge communities and when it comes to making icons without provided screencaps/pictures/themes I kinda fail, so it might be the right thing for me ;D

001-008 Linkin Park
010-019 30 Seconds To Mars
022-024 Moonlight
025-036 NCIS (Gibbs only)
037-059 Gilmore Girls
061-073 Supernatural
076-078 Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki (+ a matching wallpaper and banners)
+ 1 Supernatural header (originally made for [ profile] spn_header_con )


fight the good fight... )
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Another of those old contest entries and some variations/"outtakes" posts, this time with a little more of the last two things ;)
This is my last entry before my (not that long) holiday if something worldshaking happens, comment on this entry :D

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

001-004 Supernatural (4x20 The Rapture)
007-012 Supernatural (4x21 When The Levee Breaks)
013-019 Supernatural (4x22 Lucifer Rising)
022-049 Supernatural (various, old contest entries)
+1 Supernatural wallpaper (4x21 When The Levee Breaks)


come back again... )
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Another graphic post that didn't turn out like I wanted, because actually I wanted to post some icons of fandoms I never made icons of before (NCIS, Pushing Daisies and my guilty pleasure Gilmore Girls). In addition to that I don't really like this batch, except the 30 Seconds To Mars icons and the wallpapers.

001-001 Linkin Park (animated)
004-021 30 Seconds To Mars
022-023 Moonlight
025-032 Supernatural (4x10 Heaven And Hell )
034-035 Supernatural (4x11 Family Remains)
037-040 Supernatural (3x16 No Rest For The Wicked)
043-049 Supernatural (mainly old contest entries)
+ 5 Linkin Park wallpapers


enjoy the silence... )
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Finally another update with graphics, although it's not what I actually wanted to post :D
I actually wanted to make some icons of Jared's little Goth photoshoot, but as you can see that didn't happen. Instead I made wallpapers, banners and icons (in that order) of some Supernatural Season 4 promos that I actually really like ;)

001-015 Supernatural (Season 4 Promo)
+ two matching banners (each with a "Friends Only" version and a version without text)
+ two matching wallpapers



don't stop me now... )
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Another day, another update! And now I'm really proud of myself :D

Only Supernatural again, but I actually thought about making another entry with some other icons this week and one with some textures that I used in my previous entry.

001-007 Supernatural (2x03 Bloodlust)
008-008 Supernatural (2x22 All Hell Breaks Loose, Part 2)
009-019 Supernatural (Season 4, mainly old contest entries)
020-025 Supernatural (old contest entries)

1 Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki


I never saw the light... )
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Well, at least I have a new header (Castiel <3) and I plan to have at least one more update next week, although that does not really make up the lack of updates here.
I think I never made that much icons just for one episode, but I got kinda carried away because I like the coloring. The last icon doesn't really fit to the others, I know, but I was just a little playing around with [ profile] abernathi's Textures/Brushes Guide and I kinda like the outcome ;)

001-057 Supernatural (4x03 In The Beginning)
+1 Supernatural wallpaper (made with a promo for 4x05)


you shook me all night long... )
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I have no idea why I abandoned my journal for so long. I actually planned to make much more updates during my holidays, but that obviously didn't least a have a new header :D
Last weekend was my little trip to Amsterdam. I still think it's crazy that we actually got there just to watch a movie, but it was definitely worth it. The Dark Knight is probably the best movie I've ever seen! And this will be everything I say about it, because once I start talking about the movie I can't stop :D Of course I needed to make an new header with one of my favourite quotes, although I still love the picture of the previous one and I can't say if I might use it again as my header image ;)

001-003 The Dark Knight
004-009 Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki (Comic Con 2008)
010-020 Supernatural
022-030 30 Seconds To Mars
031-038 Linkin Park
+1 The Dark Knight wallpaper


some men just want to watch the world burn... )
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Real life is keeping me pretty busy at the moment (again), so most of the time I just check out my flist and don't even write a comment.
First of all we had a little family trouble that had most of my and my family's attention for some days/weeks.
And at the moment every teacher thinks, again, that we are just working for their subject, therefore everyone actually needs a day with at least 35 hours...

So, of course, I still have the same layout. At least I think it's my best one so far...

001-009 Twilight
010-027 Supernatural
028-032 Linkin Park
034-037 Gerard Way
038-039 30 Seconds To Mars

1 Twilight
1 Supernatural
1 Moonlight


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First of all I forgot to mention something in my last post:
I am going to see
Linkin Park again!!! Although I actually wanted to go to other concerts than Linkin Park, but I’m fine with that :D
It’s one of the Projekt Revolution dates in June (Düsseldorf). I really hope that they take My Chemical Romance with them like they did last year in the
USA ;)

I got tagged by [ profile] lessientinuviel 
List (in no particular order) ten fifteen twenty many fictional characters you wouldn't kick out of bed and tag five people to do the same.

Eight )

I tag: [ profile] equanimity23  / [ profile] fefe88  / [ profile] trav_ava  / [ profile] x0captxsparrow  / [ profile] xlovetodayx 

I finally updated my resource post again (which was more than overdue).

001-006 Robert Pattinson
007-018 Supernatural (old contest entries)
Linkin Park (old contest entries)
+2 Supernatural wallpaper


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Finally a new update! And some concert trouble again, although it's not that bad, because I already had this kind of trouble :D I'm not able to see 30 Seconds To Mars ... AGAIN, but honestly: It's really not that bad, I mean I already missed them one week ago and it's pretty surprising that they come again after this short maybe next time :D

And I have a new (and pretty strong) obsession: Twilight!
My friend gave me the first book and I only agreed to read it, because I always loved vampires :D Well, I started at 10 pm on Saturday and finished it on Sunday at 3pm...pretty fast for me ;) I was sooo thrilled to read the second one, although I barely have time at the moment.... I got it from her on Tuesday and finished it the following day in the afternoon. Now I'm waiting for the third one, because she is still reading it (it was released on Valentine's Day in German) :D
And I have to admit that I have a pretty good timing, because my obsession started a couple of days before the first promos were released and (of course) I made some icons and two wallpapers (actually it's just one^^) with one of the pictures.
Another thing to mention is that I am really looking forward to watch the new episode of Supernatural tomorrow. I am really excited :D

Well, I love black and white icons :D

001-009 Twilight
010-033 Supernatural (old contest entries)
034-036 Linkin Park (old contest entries)
+1 Twilight wallpaper


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I'm going to see Linkin Park in a couple of hours...for the first time of my life and I'm pretty excited :D
I thought for that occasion, I'll make a small Linkin Park post ;)

001-009 Linkin Park (One Step Closer video)
010-012 Linkin Park (old contest entries)
+1 Linkin Park wallpaper


one step closer to the edge... )
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1. I watched Requiem for a Dream together with my friend last night...this film is pretty disturbing and simply brilliant, although I don't know if I am ever able to watch it again.

2. I still seems like I won't go to MCR in November :-( But I want to go sooo bad...there's still none who wants go with me and suddenly I'm not allowed to go alone...

3. This one is probably one of my favourite batches ever ;-) I don't know why but I really love the Faint ones (especially #36) :D

001-021 Jared Leto
022-038 Linkin Park (+ 3 old contest entries)
+ 1 wallpaper with Jared Leto/30 Seconds To Mars


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I'm back! Well, since nearly two weeks now, but I was pretty sick when I came back and so I wasn't able to do anything…most of the last two weeks I went to school, came home and lay for two hours on my bed listening to music or trying to sleep. And I have the feeling that I'm not fit again.
I still need to make a new profile and I'm a little tired of the layout, too. I actually want to make an autumn one…we'll see.  DONE!

Of course I have some new icons and two wallpaper:

001-009 30 Seconds To Mars
010-024 My Chemical Romance
025-033 Linkin Park (+ 3 old contest entries)
034-039 Gerard Way (old contest entries)
+ 2 wallpaper with Jared Leto/30 Seconds To Mars





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